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Vanquish is the award-winning non-contact radiofrequency body contouring system that selective heats and destroys adipose (fat) tissue, while sparring surrounding tissues like skin and muscle.

How It Works

BTL Vanquish is now FDA cleared for circumferential reduction. Proven to kill fat, BTL Vanquish targets the abdomen, belly, flanks, and love handles in one treatment session without downtime or discomfort.

Vanquish is “non-contact” because the applicator sits just above your body’s surface during the entire 45 minute treatment – no contact is made with your body’s surface. Instead, sensors built into the device “read” your individual body fat layer and then customize the amount of safe RF energy delivered during each treatment. The end result is selective destruction of fat and visible reduction in inches around your waist or thighs over the weeks that follow. Vanquish treatments are safe, easy, painfree, and downtime.

Before & After

*results may vary

Note:This is a Mia La Maven Client not an actor

“From the moment I walked into Mia La Maven’s new sexy, chic location where Mia’s beautiful portrait welcomes you, I felt embraced. I was greeted by gracious, lovely, well informed staff members, quickly ushered into my treatment room where my every concern was addressed. ”

Thank you for my new beautiful cheek bones*

Christine B.


* Results may vary from customer to customer


Our name is inspired by the courageous battle Mia Sidaros fight against cancer. Mia was a source of strength for everyone she encountered. Her final wish was to continue the fight against cancer. Part of her legacy is a commitment to help others. As a result, a portion of our profits will be donated to Pediatric Sarcoma Research at UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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