Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Correct fine lines, wrinkles, acne, acne scars, stimulate collagen production, treat rosacea and minimize broken capillaries.

How It Works

This laser’s light harmlessly passes through the upper layer of skin, while heat stimulates collagen fibers deep beneath your skin. This collagen will continue to multiply after the treatment so your body will naturally fill in wrinkles and scars.

IPL Photofacial-

IPL- Non-Invasive treatment that treats broken capillaries, hyper-pigmentation, sun damaged skin and also stimulates the production of collagen, resulting in a fresher, plumper look.

V-Beam – Pulsed dye laser–

Intense Pulsed Light treatment works by sending a low-energy beam of light directly into the affected skin while maximizing both patient comfort and safety at all times.


Treatment for :

  • Acne Scars
  • Facial & Spider Veins
  • Leg Veins
  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Rosacea
  • Scar Treatment
  • Striae (Stretch Marks)
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Warts

How It Works

Fraxel works with your body’s natural skin cells, so results typically take 1-3 weeks to take effect. Most Fraxel patients report a sensation of a “light sunburn” immediately after treatment, but treatment plans can vary so ask your physician about the specifics of your treatment.

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“Smart scanning” hand piece ensures consistency and saftey.

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Fractional lasers penetrate top layer of skin.

screen shot 2016 08 15 at 11.50.21 pm

Fraxel light energy stimulates collagen, and resurfaces the top skin layer.

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Your skins natural rejuvenation process smooths wrinkles and scars by stimulating collagen.

Laser Rejuvenation FAQs

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