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Concerned about hair loss? Statistics suggest that hair loss affects millions of men and women in our country. If you are one of them, chances are you are looking for a solution that will meet your needs. Enter PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy. Platelet-rich plasma is a nutrient-dense fluid present in the blood that stimulates cellular regeneration within microenvironments like the hair follicles, joints, and skin. Platelet-rich plasma has a long history of medicinal use related to tissue healing and regeneration, and has now made its way into the field of hair restoration.

The primary purpose of PRP treatment for hair loss is to stimulate activity in the hair follicles. This may prompt an active phase of hair growth in follicles that have become inactive. PRP injections into the scalp may also support the active phase of newly implanted hair follicles. Platelets contain a variety of growth factors, which work to form new blood vessels and regenerate cells.

PRP can be introduced into the hair follicles of the scalp using two methods. One is using microneedling, which creates micro wounds to superficial tissue and then PRP is applied topically where it can penetrate the scalp through the induced injuries. Another way is to inject PRP into the scalp in the area where hair is thinning. After drawing blood, the vial is processed in a centrifuge to spin the blood and separate platelets from red blood cells. Injections are then administered to the appropriate area of the scalp.

In most cases, there is zero downtime after PRP hair treatment. Because injections stimulate an inflammatory cascade through which tissue is repaired, patients are advised NOT to take any kind of anti-inflammatory medication to manage comfort. Most patients need a series of treatments for optimal results, and can begin noticing improvement within 2-3 months.

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