What is Microblading

Microblading is often described as Semi-Permanent Makeup. It is a tattoo. A tattoo delivered by hair stroke technique using a unique hand tool to create curved strokes carved into the skin and filled with medical grade pigment to create the illusion of eyebrows.

A unique hand tool is used to deliver this method, not a machine.

Getting new eyebrows for someone recovering from Chemotherapy has been voted as the most important treatment most ladies have had in missing the side effects of what chemotherapy does to one’s body, more so than losing head hair.

Elizabeth’s Approach:

Elizabeth’s approach is to create a ‘natural look’ – emphasizing the client’s natural features and great care is taken, with pigments matched to your existing brow hairs, for an overall attractive look. Each brow hair is drawn on one by one. What best describes this technique is that the hair strokes are placed one by one under the skin ( not deep at all) and the pigment settles into a home there . In order for the strokes to mimic brow hair, they are placed superficially. Fading varies from client to client and yearly color boosts are part of the maintenance treatment.

Before commencing the procedure, Elizabeth takes time with each client to discuss their needs and answering any questions about the process. A detailed consultation ensures that the end result suits the client and matches their expectations. Custom blended pigments are blended to tailor for each individual client from taupe to suits blondes, redheads, and a variety of Browns for brunettes and darker shades for black skin/Fitzpatrick type 5.

If you are currently undergoing Cancer chemotherapy it is usual to wait 12 months after the treatment end to have your Eyebrows attended to.

Micronblading FAQ


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