Meet Mia Sidaros, the 15-Year-Old Fashion Blogger and Cancer Survivor Who Stole Our Hearts

By September 2, 2016Press


OCT 14, 2013

Photo: Anna Chana Demidova

We get a lot of visitors to the 24th floor of the Hearst Tower—designers, photographers, the occasional supermodel—but I can’t recall more excitement surrounding a visit than when Mia Sidaros stopped by this month.

Mia is a 15-year-old style maven from Los Angeles. By day, she’s a student, but she’s also a newly minted fashion blogger, who has just returned from the spring shows in Paris. The fact that Mia’s also a two-time cancer survivor is actually the last thing you would notice about her. She’s confident, bright, and energetic—and she talks a mile-a-minute about her plans for her career in fashion. She doesn’t miss a beat in reviewing the collections or recounting spring trends. She can’t name her favorite label (it changes daily), although Marc Jacobs, Balmain, and Saint Laurent top her list. This girl is serious about fashion.

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